Monday, March 16, 2015

Anybody Out There?

Just a photo of the book I am currently reading... Also, wondering if anyone can or even does see any of my posts on the blog? I just changed the name of the blog and I'm adding another person to help bring more book action to anyone who cares. I would like to do a few giveaways this summer as well, and hopefully continue them if there are enough people for me to continue doing them. I'm kinda curious if anyone out there even pays any attention to my posts though? Would be kinda funny if I was blogging my time away when I do, for nothing. :) I know I'm not the best or most fancy blog or blogger out there, but I'm learning, slowly, VERY SLOWLY. I've finally learned how to make my photos "shrink to fit size" lol so now they are not all awkward and such. I suppose I kinda have felt like I've been blogging for nobody, which is really fine, but I would atleast try to put more effort in improving- or posting more regularly if I knew people actually existed. I think I have had ONE person tell me via goodreads that she enjoyed viewing my posts on the blog, but of course I did not even see that comment until months afterward, SMH. Anyone out there? Leave a comment please to let me know there are people out there, or if there is any trouble caused by me changing the blog's name? Have a great reading week everyone!! Feel free to leave a comment letting me know there are life forms reading this...(Repeating for skim readers) Another Note: I apologize to those who I did not respond to when people were commenting on my blog in the beginning of it's time- why did I not? Because I was a NEWBIE and had no idea anyone was even commenting. ;) Yes, loving The Winner's Crime! :)

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