Tuesday, June 4, 2013

REVIEW*** Withur We by Matthew Bruce Alexander

Publication Date: January 11, 2010 Centuries hence, Man, seemingly alone in the universe, slowly spreads his civilizations across his corner of the galaxy. Tyrants vie for power, and in their fierce grip the colonies of the Milky Way are suffocating. In this society of many billions, a young marine, a highly trained war hero, returns home from his tour of duty. Physically powerful yet shy, awkward and unable to sway the masses with pretty speeches, Alistair Ashley 3nn makes a decision to strike at the hierarchy the only way he can. His decision starts him on a grand adventure, and as he is carried along by forces beyond his control, he comes to confront an ancient secret, one which may reveal Humanity's future. REVIEW: 4~ STARS**** At first this book was a little rough for me to get into- worried that I was not going to understand what I was reading and simply end up confused throughout the entire book, but once I stopped focusing on certain words- the story started to unravel with ease. This is not my typical genre, but Withur We managed to surprise me~ hold my interest and leave me with new thoughts to process. Some small issues with editing but nothing to bad as to disrupt this fantastic story. Though this book is forever long :) It was worth the time investment- Full of action, adventure, and detail I found this book to be well paced, unique, and an enjoyable world to enter. I don't think of myself as a strong political person- which is a big aspect of this book- the ups and downs of the main character's (Allistair) story and creativeness of this book was enough to make it through this massive book. The characters were well rounded- with good dialog- There were times after reading a paragraph that I would stop to absorb what I just read- The Author does an outstanding job with some of his choice of words and descriptions that I can not exactly explain.... for now I will go with Simple- but Captivating* This was a unique experience for me from an Author. Overall- I was pleased and had an enjoyable experience with Withur We- I'm glad to have been given the chance to read and review this book. I would read more from this Author in this style or any other- Recommended* Even if you think this is out of your comfort zone! Thank You! Reesa***

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