Sunday, June 9, 2013

REVIEW*** Whatever Doesn't Kill You by Elizabeth Wennick

Jenna Cooper was only a few days old when her father was murdered and her family was shattered. Now fifteen, she daydreams of a picture-perfect sitcom family as she struggles with the gritty realities of her life. When Jenna finds out that Travis Bingham, the man who shot her father, has been released from prison, she becomes obsessed with tracking him down and confronting him. But her search reveals that there may be more to her father's murder than she has been led to believe--and will her relationships with her family and friends survive her obsession? REVIEW- 4 STARS**** I enjoyed Whatever Doesn't Kill You by Elizabeth Wennick- I don't think that this book will blow anyone's socks off, but I found it to be a nice- fun- quick mystery. I would recommend to anyone looking for a light read in the summer that is clean and fun. I see some pretty low ratings have been given to this book and I don't think that it was that bad at all. This book does have a great twist in the end and packs a strong message. Although most may not be able to relate to the daily life of the main character- this does not mean it is far fetched- Some may relate. For the most part the writing was great and fast paced and few times I felt their were some paragraphs that could have been left out. I would highly recommend to a younger teen looking for a clean mystery. The message in this book was fantastic and is useful to anyone. I won a copy of Whatever Doesn't Kill You in a giveaway for free in hopes of an honest review's online. Thanks! Reesa***

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