Friday, September 14, 2012

Review of Trojan Horse by Mark Russinovich, Kevin Mitnick

It’s two years post-Zero Day, and former government analyst Jeff Aiken is reaping the rewards for crippling al-Qaida’s attack on the computer infrastructure of the Western world.  His cyber - security company is flourishing, and his relationship with Daryl Haugen intensifies when she becomes a part of his team.


But the West is under the East’s greatest threat yet. The Stuxnet virus that successfully subverted Iran’s nuclear defense program for years is being rapidly identified and defeated, and Stuxnet’s creators are stressed to develop a successor.  As Jeff and Daryl struggle to stay together, they’re summoned to disarm the attack of a revolutionary, invisible trojan that alters data without leaving a trace.  As the trojan penetrates Western intelligence, the terrifying truth about Iran is revealed, and Jeff and Daryl find themselves running a desperate race against time to reverse it - while the fate of both East and West hangs in the balance.


Like Zero DayTrojan Horse is a thrilling suspense story, a sober warning from one of the world’s leading experts on cyber-security, Microsoft’s Technology Fellow, Mark Russinovich.  Trojan Horse demystifies the dangerously realistic threat of a cyber-terrorism attack on the Western world, while chronicling the lengths through which one man and will go to stop it  I won an ARC of Trojan Horse: A Novel by Mark Russinovich in a giveaway for free on Goodreads First/Reads- Wow* what an eye opener** Trojan Horse is a brilliant story... filled with enough action and suspense to have you flipping through the second half of this novel with no problems... Reesa***

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