Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Review of Never Go Back by Andrea Stein

Never Go Back, A Minerva Mystery Twenty-something writer Lia Mitchell is living the perfect big city life. Great career - check, nice apartment – check, date with a cute guy - check…membership in an underground secret society - check. The Minerva Society is network of highly influential people to whom Lia owes everything. So when the Minerva Society calls, Lia has to listen. She’s been drafted to retrieve the secret files of recently deceased Marilyn Cruz, an up and coming politician. Marilyn’s little black book may or may not contain information that some people want to stay buried. The job sound simple enough, until she realizes that finding the information will involve digging deep into her own secrets – and that of her estranged family. Lia will learn that to whom much is given, much is expected. Finding out really happened to Marilyn Cruz and her secrets may just cost Lia everything she’s worked for. The Minerva Mysteries is a new mystery series featuring Amelia “Lia” Mitchell, a writer with a growing online empire. She owes her success to talent, hard work, and the helping hand of The Minerva Society. To the public it’s a female networking organization, but to its members, it is a powerful circle of wealth and influence. Lia’s deep ties to the Minerva Society involve her in their sometimes shady road to power. For those who like strong female detectives with a dash of sophistication, glamour and secret societies, Lia Mitchell and The Minerva Mysteries fit the bill.  5-stars  I really enjoyed Never Go Back by Andrea Stein- This was a great book- well put together. If your looking to read a fun- slightly sassy- well written mystery- this one is for you... I plan to continue on with this series... likable characters and seems as though every paragraph in this book was well thought out. I had a couple laughs- was interested throughout from beginning to end. The twists and turn were great- also just the right amount of suspense at the end. Could totally see this book made into a great movie I would pay to watch. Thank You!! Reesa***

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