Saturday, November 2, 2013

Review~ Come Fly with Me by Judith Whitmore

From mansions in Emerald Bay, to hilltop villas in the Caribbean, Come Fly with Me is the story of a woman coming into her own in a world where the sky is the limit. Kate Randolph is young, beautiful and rich, and her passion is flying. In the air she feels a freedom she feels nowhere else, and it’s where she dreams of escape from her marriage to a cold, distant husband. Rick Sanders, her tough flight instructor, challenges Kate to always rise to the occasion and trust her instincts. A series of unexpected events forces both to look beyond the usual facades, and as a result, Kate and Rick liberate each other––she rescues him in a harrowing mission into Southeast Asia that proves her mettle once and for all, and he releases her to be the woman she was meant to be––no holds barred. REVIEW: 5 STARS***** I've had this book on my shelves for a couple of months before I decided to pick it up (the bright blue spine was hard to ignore) I'm so happy I finally picked this book up- I fell in love with this story. From my understanding is this is Authors debut novel- let's just say she has this in the bag* Come Fly with Me has a little bit of everything to appeal to all readers. Pacing was great- Characters were likable and vibrant, Writing was fantastic- Author has a wide vocabulary and never overused words throughout the story. The Authors attention to detail and descriptions were outstanding, which made this book so enjoyable. All the small details throughout this book you may have not gave much thought to come together perfectly towards the end. I loved every minute of this book and this is not my usual genera- I would highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a well-written romance-adventure filled with surprises and an actual story-line not dominated in the bedroom. The first couple of chapters I felt a little thrown in as your introduced to most of the characters early on, but by chapter four I was hooked and couldn't put it down. Come Fly with Me would be great to curl up with in front of a fireplace- to bad I don't have one. This book was a true delight- I look forward to more from this Author and would pick up her next book without hesitation. NOTE: I won a copy of Come Fly with Me in a giveaway for free in hopes of an honest review being posted online.

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