Sunday, August 4, 2013

REVIEW*** Entrusted by Sherry Rummler

Anna Bertram was not prepared for this. Not after all she had been through. A mothers love, so deep; wasnt it her job to protect? Anna had poured her heart and soul into raising Justin. When he unexpectedly dropped out of her life, she was left devastated. Was it fate? A chance meeting with a young soldier on a beach in Maine, who had left a pocket-sized book in the sand, a photograph tucked neatly inside. The photograph portrayed two soldiers in Army fatigues, one being the soldier, the other her son Justin. With this clue, Anna is desperate to find the soldier who could possibly lead to her estranged son. Is it too late to reclaim the close relationship they once shared? Mistakenly Anna believed she was responsible for her sons future. In her zealous search to reunite, she finds the unexpected, love and forgiveness. Journey with Anna, as she learns to let go and surrender to divine destiny And give thanks for the gift that she was entrusted REVIEW: 5 STARS***** This story really surprised me in that it held my attention- The pacing was perfect always moving along ensuring the pages continued to turn. I enjoyed this book and highly recommend it. Entrusted was Heartbreaking and Inspiring at the same time as well as having a few encouraging lessons included for some. Entrusted was well written with likable characters- This was a memorable story worth the read- I look forward to more from this author in the future.

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