Thursday, October 18, 2012

Review~ Nick the Lolt: Tales from Yod (Volume 1) by Anthony M. Briggs Jr.

This tale is the beginning of the most controversial life. The story of a man who – by himself – caused regions to evacuate like the approach of a hurricane. Many would only whisper of him, the dreaded Marsh King… But at sixteen he was just Nick, a boy who made paintbrushes that obeyed his commands. He could paint pictures that made passersby forget where they were going. In those days he wanted to earn forgiveness (and maybe a bit more) from an outgoing girl he'd known off and on since he was four. And to save his village, by winning the most elite speed-painting tournament of all time. This village, however, wanted nothing more than for him to leave. Years of being a target of its scorn and bullies taught Nick a few tricks, though. And he and his few friends would need every last one of them. Because even as a teen he'd already made some dangerous enemies... Review~ 5 Stars***** I really enjoyed Nick the Lolt: Tales of Yod by Anthony M. Briggs Jr. First I want to mention that the cover is Super and I wish I had my own personal copy for my shelves~ (I read Nick the Lolt on my kindle) This is a fantastic story with superb characters and an awesome plot. I look forward to the second installment to this series.... Character are likable and the story ensures you keep turning the pages. A well written story that brings these characters to life*** I would recommend this book to all- This is a favorite of mine for 2012- The Land of Yod is worth the money to put on your book shelf :) Thanks! Reesa***


  1. Thanks for the review, Reesa! Glad you enjoyed the book :)

    1. Thank You- and your welcome :) Fantastic Book!!