Friday, October 5, 2012

Review~ Legend of the Phoenix: Rise of the Crescent by Gabriel Gonzalaz

In a world of grand cities, magnificent castles, and powerful Races lies a legend that the world has long forgotten. A legend that through time, has faded. The story of the once all powerful Phoenix Clan and their battles against the menacing Beasts, is now a mythical story, often told to children as a bedtime story. The young children of the world of Pardes can be seen playing in the streets of their towns pretending to be the Phoenix Clan fighting the evil Beasts. The legend of the Phoenix has been long forgotten.

Shadow thinks he’s a regular guy destined to live a life of boredom. If it weren’t for his best friend Kale, one of Gaia’s lackluster, womanizing soldiers, he wouldn’t have a connection with anyone. The sight of his father is about as rare as seeing an ancient Beast. Once he meets Princess Emerald, and her two Luna trainers, Sage and Katrina, his entire life takes a turn.

The Aakesh Race are trying to kill him, he’s starting to be able to control the power of Spirit, and worst of all he finds himself falling in love with the Princess of Gaia. Rumors of the return of Beasts are beginning to swirl. Towns are being destroyed; Kings and Queens are missing, and the power of Spirit that the Luna control is acting strange. Shadow learns that his own power to control Spirit isn’t like anyone else’s in the world.
As evil rises, Shadow is about to discover the secrets of a legend that has been hidden from the world for a thousand years. The goodness of his heart will be challenged, every belief will be tested, and his love for Emerald will take him down a frightening, deadly path. If he cannot overcome the darkness that fills his thoughts, millions of people will die, and the world of Pardes will face a sorrow that it has never known before
5 Stars*** I won Legend of the Phoenix: Rise of Crescent by Gabriel Gonzalez in a free giveaway on Goodreads First-Reads. I really enjoyed this story- This book was filled with- awesome characters* swords and action* epic fantasy* and an enjoyable story line that made you want to keep flipping the pages. I did run into a few Minor~ errors with the grammar/writing but this did not interrupt the nicely paced flow of this book. Super start for a new Author~ who dished out Fantastic dialog in this story. I felt like I was watching a movie while reading this book- great descriptions painted a picture of the characters as well as the surroundings. I would recommend this book to those who love fantasy.... If your looking for a fun easy to read fantasy with a dash of romance than this would be a nice addition to your bookshelves. Thank You!! Reesa***

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