Sunday, August 26, 2012

Review of~ I Think There's A Monster Under My Bed! by Jennise Conley

July 5, 2012
Conducive to learning, Jennise Conley’s picture books are designed to increase cognitive functioning and to provide tools for parents and caregivers to help young children develop their literary skills. Using rhyme, rhythm, and repetition, the story she presents in I Think There’s a Monster Under My Bed! specifically identifies the power of imagination as it draws young readers into a world of fantasy. Is there really a monster there? What has this little boy discovered? Filled with color, patterns, and playful words, this book will turn reading time into a fun learning experience for infants, adults, and youngsters up to eight years old. Written by a neuro-education specialist, it also includes a letter that explains the importance of reading, stresses the significance of time spent with your child, and offers a brief overview of a how a love for language is developed.  I won a copy of I Think There's a Monster Under My Bed! by Jennise Conley. I'm so glad I did- Funny my 3yr old was sitting with me when I was opening the mail & I forgot this book was coming- anyway I let her open the package and she was soooo excited :) (was cute) I read the book right away to her and we both loved it~ great story for parents to read to their young children. Awesome pictures inside the story and this book is a keeper. Thank You for the opportunity to read and review I Think There's a Monster Under My Bed! by Jennise Conley this book will get put to good use. (my daughter drug this book around with her all day) Reesa***

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